box lacrosse

The Fastest Way To Get Better

Indoors, fasted paced, and fun.

Improve lax I.Q

This game is fasted paced, you'll be forced to make quicker decisions.

Increase accuracy

Playing in a restricted spaces leaves less room for error.

Handle pressure

Learn how to maintain control while being pressed by the defense.

What is Box?

The box game is played in hockey (ice removed) and indoor soccer rinks and is 5v5 with a goalie, very similar to hockey. There is no off sides and there is a 30 second shot clock so the pace of the game is very fast paced and exciting! Players are allowed to body check and cross check as well as use controlled slashes.

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Compete Against Top Programs

Playing some of the toughest competition means that you'll be challenged to be become better every single game. We believe that it's important to give you that best lacrosse experience possible.

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Surround Yourself With Like Minded Players

Being in an environment based on growth, achievement, and excellence is an important part of our program. Every time you step on the field for a clinic, practice, or game we want you to do your best.

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At the end of the day the only thing you control is your own performance. Get the knowledge and skills you need to excel!


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Break down your goals into a process that you can easily follow.


Break down your goals into a process that you can easily follow.

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Box Lacrosse Coming Soon!


Play a fast paced game to hone your stick skills!

Quick games


Play just like hockey and basketball combined! A lot of movement from the top

What is Box Lacrosse?


Box lacrosse is game indoors, usually in a hockey rink with turf. Played with lacrosse sticks the goal is to get the ball in the net just like outdoor lacrosse except the net is significantly smaller and goalie is padded up a lot more. Try it out soon!

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