Training For Next Level Skills

It's time to put in the work

Master the basics

Lacrosse can be broken down into a few simple skills, lets master them.

Refine your skills

Whether you've just started or have been playing for years there is always room to grow.


Show off your skills on the field, your next tournament, and to college recruiters.

Becoming a great player doesn't happen on accident...

To even have the chance of becoming a great player you first need to put in the work. Register for one of our skills clinics today and work on developing the skill you need to play at the next level.

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Reps, Reps, Reps

It's all about getting in as many reps as possible and working on making each one better than the last. This is key to developing the muscle memory involved so come time for games you can think more on strategy.

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Surround Yourself With Like Minded Players

Being in an environment based on growth, achievement, and excellence is an important part of our program. Every time you step on the field for a clinic, practice, or game we want you to do your best.

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Why do players choose to train with us?

Players get results

Clear communication

Instill good values

Easy to understand scheduling

Our attention to detail

We focus on each player

At Frog we have everything your player needs to grow and advance to the next level all in one place.

Featured Client

“You're brilliant and well worth the money. I should have hired you two years ago. We will definitely work together again very soon.”

“Frog lacrosse is a fantastic club with a focus on developing athletes! They truly care and have a great staff that are all focused on impacting the players. You will not find more bang for your buck than frog lacrosse!.”

“I’ve always had wonderful experiences! The coaches not only care about developing you as an athlete, but care about you as a person as well. I’ve gotten countless opportunities that I would’ve never gotten without Frog Lacrosse. 10/10 recommend!!.”

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Pit yourself against the best players in Minnesota and surronding areas!

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Looking for fast paced lacrosse with an exhilarating experience? Frog lacrosse is the place for you!

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Our coaches are very familiar with lacrosse across the nation find out where you need to be next!

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