Speed, Agility, and Strength

Build the skills you need

Sport specific

Performance training that works best with the movements that you use in the game.

Increase confidence

Be more confident about everything you do on the field by building strength and speed.

Higher performance

Your body is able to take on higher levels of stress and with increased endurance you'll be game ready.

Becoming a great player
doesn't happen on accident...

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A building block that is overlooked by most.

Many players over look the importance on working on footwork, speed training, and weight lifting. We provide our players with the right programs that they need to standout on the field.

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Surround Yourself With Like Minded Players.

Being in an environment based on growth, achievement, and excellence is an important part of our program. Every time you step on the field for a clinic, practice, or game we want you to do your best.

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Every Program Includes...

Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to get yourself to the next level with in depth courses, webinars, and information right from the universities.


At the end of the day the only thing you control is your own performance. Get the knowledge and skills you need to excel!


Games are won with by a team, not individuals. Learn how your team can perform at the highest level.

Team strategy

Join hundreds of other like minded lacrosse players


Insiders get access to evaluation events, tournament teams, and our own showcases


Break down your goals into a process that you can easily follow.


and more...

Featured Client

“You're brilliant and well worth the money. I should have hired you two years ago. We will definitely work together again very soon.”

“Frog lacrosse is a fantastic club with a focus on developing athletes! They truly care and have a great staff that are all focused on impacting the players. You will not find more bang for your buck than frog lacrosse!.”

“I’ve always had wonderful experiences! The coaches not only care about developing you as an athlete, but care about you as a person as well. I’ve gotten countless opportunities that I would’ve never gotten without Frog Lacrosse. 10/10 recommend!!.”

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